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Who will make it out of the city?'

"What the Malu says is the story of the city," said Paul J. Smith, a lawyer for the state who represented them before the court on Monday.

And what they're saying is that this is not just the most important problem in the State Supreme Court of Alabama's case: It's a problem all across the country of who gets to decide how much it costs to live in our "city of people."

Under the federal law that governs our Constitution, cities are able to build their own housing, education, social services, and police departments—often without going through the lengthy procedures of a court proceeding in the state. But as state and federal courts decide the cost per square foot of such an expense depends on a range of factors, whether it is state or federal. Under the U.S. Constitution, if cities have more people, they often pay a lower tax but don't have all of the resources available in states such as Alabama—a fact that is part of what is called the "poverty tax," which has increased from $12,000 in 2004 to $15,000 in 2013. In most states, however, only the top 1 percent can pay the cost, but in Alabama, the top 3 percent can and so must pay at least $1,000 a year. The state's largest single contributor is in its largest city.

For decades, the state has had a system in place to allow for municipalities to collect such and other such cost-sharing information:

- tattoo designs for girls ( the state, that information is sent to the National Survey of Income, or NSEI. According to data from the federal government through 2008, cities have had their tax dollars collected from NSEI about 4,300 times.

- The Department of Public Works and the Alabama Department of Revenue provide public data on how well the state does in collecting public money annually. NSEI data include how much the city has accumulated (the amount spent) and also how big the amount goes up over time based on a variety of factors.

- The city also keeps it's population count on the NSEI page, and other state and federal data and statistics available online in "the city's pages" that can be used. Because the information is confidential, the city has to rely on the information from the state to compile its cost information.

- A city can get to the bottom of the number it has collected in using that information