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How To Show How Hard Do You Strum A Ukulele Into Success

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It depends on the situation.

1. I am a new player.

2. I understand how he is feeling right now. I am already a pretty smart player.

3. I thought I would get better when the game comes out.

That is why I need to prepare myself very seriously.

That is just one step.

I will go to work at my new team soon.

What do you think about this team's development so far?

For me, I have to prepare very much.

I always feel well, but we will be starting to work on practice the time we think there will be.

Is it impossible to practice your game well at the end of the regular season?

Yes, absolutely. I am not only talking about how to play well, but also how to win games.

How much does it cost to train your body every day?

In Japan, you must train your muscles every day.

Do you have any advice for younger players?

Yes, if I play well with my ball.

How does the training go? What is your favorite part of the tournament?

The training.

How do you train your body? how to tune the ukulele ( do you feel the results?

My performance is very good, because I want to perform well every time.

It seems that players are looking for a lot of things to change every time they play.

Well, I won the tournament against Zidane, who was a player who is very strong, so why would I change as well to compete with him?

In such circumstances, I also hope I'm able to win the championship title.

Thank you so much from Team USA!

Thank you so much for talking to us.

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