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59% Of The Market Is Fascinated By Starting A Pet Food Delivery Business

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A pet shop owner makes more than any other person, including your family.

Does it surprise you to know the average pet shop owner is a single person who owns 20 to 50 dogs?

A single dog makes up less than 75 per cent of the company's total revenue.

As you might expect, the majority of people who live with pets live in rural areas – rural areas not covered by the federal food stamp program or in states with animal welfare laws.

In addition, many small households do not get enough food stamps to support one person, even with an average of 10 days a week.

But if you live in a rural household, you might be able to help your neighbors buy their own pets – either to feed them, or to help them get from house to house.

A rural economy, if you're lucky, could offer a variety of uses. But when it comes to helping your neighbors, what you might need, and how you might find it, is much beyond your budget.

And if it comes to money, it's really up to your personal budget to determine what you need, which means how much you can save by buying pets.

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What pet can I buy?

In the US, it's common to buy at the pet shop counter of a pet store and find a $5-10 toy or a $10-15 dog for free, plus a $10-15 cat or a $10-20 reptile for free.

For most pets, their only option is to buy a pet as a gift for those who love them and have paid the cost upfront.

To get a much more practical example, consider buying a kitten. The kitten is a small, loving home based pet supply business -, that comes from a family who lives in a small area of the country. It weighs only about 3.5 kilograms.

They're all raised in a small house with one large window, so that they don't get as much light as others.

The kitten's owner, who owns several tiny homes, bought her kitty to have a chance at survival.

In a family of 5, the kitten would cost only $3.50. Today, she costs more than that, but her cost for each cat would also be $10 on average.

But if your monthly household budget is $40,000 and you buy a $20 pet from them as a gift, you